Artistic ability is but one side of the coin required to succeed in the music industry. The other side is possessing the business acumen required to dot the I’s , cross the T’s and do that which is required to make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world. You can be a prolific writer and publish album after album but if you are not reaping the fruits of your labors you are missing the boat. Perhaps you wish to concentrate on what you love and enjoy. You just want to make great music then you may want to use the services of a music publisher. Touch of Blarney Publishing may be just what the doctor ordered.

The value of your songs will only materialize if you collect royalties. The song you have written may require the right artist. It will need to be copyrighted and assigned proper identifications codes domestically and internationally. It will have to be distributed. It will have to be marketed and you will need the contacts in the industry to effectively promote your work. Sales and plays will have to be monitored and the money collected and not just in Pocatello, Idaho but worldwide. There will be other artists that think it is great and want to cover it. They will need to be issued and pay for a mechanical license. Your song may be a great fit for a television show or even destined for the silver screen and sync rights will have to be provided and license fees collected. Co-writers who left your band will have to be located and their share of the proceeds distributed to them. Someone may even want to use your song in an upcoming Broadway play and then you will need someone to negotiate the “grand rights.” You are planning an album and wish to cover a song with a European publisher. You will need to learn about things called moral rights and you will need to abide by European standards if you are going to use that song. You may even be in need of a good entertainment attorney. For these and for so many other unforeseen situations, Touch of Blarney Publishing can help you.

If you are truly talented or we think you have tremendous potential then we are open to consideration.

Tell us about yourself, share your website information, and let us know where you are appearing. If you have written a great song we want to hear it and we will help you protect it and make it come to life. Touch of Blarney Publishing is here and listening.

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