Bits of Blarney Newsletter November 2018


Well it is that time of year again and time to get into the holiday spirit. You still have time to purchase

our album, In Troubled Times, and have it delivered to your door or to the door of that special person

you wish to remember with a Christmas gift. So just visit our store and get it now.


On November 8, 2018 Touch of Blarney Music will be releasing our new offering, a Christmas song

entitled “Christmas Dress Rehearsal” performed magnificently with the velvety baritone voice of Mark

Demmin. “Christmas Dress rehearsal is a catchy up beat song with a romantic twist and I really enjoyed

recording it. The public is going to enjoy it too”, said crooner Demmin. The Famous Company with

offices in London, Manchester and Loss Angeles has been contracted to handle the promotion and Tune

Core has been assigned distribution to the company’s many digital purchase outlets.  The CD will of

course be available on our website so add it to your Christmas list.


In the hopper are new releases for 2019. There will be a particularly poignant Pop, R&B single with

vocalist Isiah Mitchell and a new irreverent Blues single from the Daughter of the Blues, the fabulous

Shirley King. In the mix through in a little bit of Country, as well as some more traditional Irish Folk.


So people let’s  get jolly and send 2018 out with a bang. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with

Your families and know that we value your appreciation and support.



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