Isiah Mitchell

Isiah Mitchell grew up on Chicago’s West side. He attended Manley High school where his good friend Samuel Goode, a cousin of the legendary, Sam Cooke, exposed him to Chicago’s vibrant music scene .Isiah became enthralled with the Chicago’s unique blend of soul, blues, jazz , and gospel and the styles of entertainers like Otis Clay, Tyrone Davis, and Johnnie Taylor  His friend, Sam had a local band and when the group’s drummer left the group, Isiah picked up the sticks and became the drummer. Soon afterwards Sam’s voice underwent a change and Isiah became the lead singer. The music was primarily pop with a tinge of Jazz and Isiah was hooked. He had found a career.


Isiah became acquainted with and sang back up for the likes of Otis Clay, Tyrone Davis, and Johnnie Taylor and decided to form his own band ESP (Extra Special People) and he began playing local gigs. His early influences were Earth, Wind, & Fire; Michael Jackson; Al Green; and his favorite Stevie Wonder and Isiah learned and adopted some of their singing styles. It has stood him well as he does such a credible job covering the songs of his early idols. As Isiah’s reputation grew, he joined the Cincinnati group “ Souled Out “  and shared the stage with Journey’s Steve Perry and Earth Wind and Fire’s Jean Carne.Isiah was offered a spot as lead singer in the popular Chicago group, the Midnight Sun and has toured internationally with Otis Clay in Amsterdam and Japan.  

Isiah Mitchell has been thrilling audience in Chicago for many years. He still plays the Touch of the Past Lounge in Bellwood which is owned by a former friend and fellow band member and is a regular at Gibson’s in Oakbrook and at Chicago’s East Bank Club.

Touch of Blarney Music is pleased to have Isiah aboard and his single “And it’s got that bad “ is scheduled for release in June

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