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Welcome to the website of Touch of Blarney Entertainment Group LLC   an entertainment Company devoted to producing quality entertainment in a variety of different genres. The business entity was created in the state of Illinois in 2017 and the opening of a branch office in Los Angeles is in the planning stage.

Touch of Blarney Entertainment Group LLC consists of four branches Music, Theatre, Television, and Film. It is our intention as Producers to create great Music, compelling Theatre, dramatic and comedic Television, and riveting Film productions for the silver screen and professionally produced web series for the digital platform.

Touch of Blarney Music is involved in artist development and management providing guidance and supportive services for talented and gifted musicians. Our Publishing arm handles the business aspect required for success in the industry and allows the artist to concentrate on what they do best, that is making great music. We will assist our artists in the Promotion of their work. We also hope to enhance an appreciation for Irish music and culture and have the secondary motivation of developing music which has as it’s emphasis arousal of a social conscience addressing the ills of society and trumpeting a call to action. We are eclectic in taste and will present music in a variety of genres.

The world is a stage and our Theatre division will throw open the curtain and provide sunlight and transparency on the issues of our time. There will be comedy to lighten the worries and cares that we carry. There will be drama reflecting societal problems that will ignite the emotions and allow the audience to vicariously experience the themes which we will depict and which will touch the mind and the soul. We are currently working on a musical production that we hope to unveil in the very near future.

The Touch of Blarney Television and Film divisions have seen enough of sequels and laments the lack of innovation and our television and film branch will look for creative and yes risky material that longs for expression. Enough canned laughter we could use a few more belly laughs. There is more out there than we are being given currently and we intend to be different. At present we have two shows in the embryonic stage, a reality show and a scripted comedy series.

Stand by and welcome aboard. Give us your honest feedback and let us know what you would like in Music, in Television, in Film, and on the stage of your Theater.

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